Friday, January 9, 2009

Bumps and Bellies!

I know that's a totally weird title, right? Well, let me explain. My two kids started this!

One day last week, Cohen (the soon to be 5 y.o.), came to us and said he wanted bumps on his arms! Huh? Bumps? Yes, bumps mom, big ones! He said this as he was pointing to his biceps. I said muscles, you mean? Yes, big bump muscles on my arms mom. OK I said. You have to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and play real hard outside, no playin all day on video games to get big bumps. He agreed to this and said he would play harder than ever! Simple enough. Until....Taegan, the 3 y.o. comes to me yesterday and says mommy I want big bumps. Awwwh how cute I thought, she wants to be like her big brother and have big muscles. So, I ask her if she wanted big bump muscles on her arms like Cohen. No mommy, I want big bumps like yours she said. Where, I ask her? So she proceeded to point, to my boobies, my heiny, and my belly! Feeling extremely fat and dumbfounded at the moment I didn't know quite what to say. Oh, I said, those are not very good bumps to have sweetie, muscle bumps are much better.

Boy did I get corrected in a hurry! Apparently in my children's eyes, the bigger your belly is, the stronger you are! Cohen said his daddy is strongest man in the world! HAHA So to all you folks out there with big bellies, my kids think you are cool!

I didn't even bother to correct them!

Anyway, just thought I'd share a little of my kids' thought processes. Nothing too deep, or inspirational today! So, whether you have bumps or bellies, someone thinks you are beautiful!

Love, Peace,and Sanity to All

P.S. Here are some pics of my kids showin off their bumps and bellies(which they have to strain real hard to have)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can I get an AMEN!

I have been on a life high since returning from Gatlinburg with the youth group. I am so very proud of them! We had 6 give their lives to Christ in Gatlinburg and one more Sunday night! HALLELUHAH!!! These kids are so brave to step up and do what God wants them to do when the world around them says otherwise. These kids are my heros. They make me feel ashamed of myself for not listening to God when He asks something of me. Isn't it ironic that through these wonderful teenagers, God has worked on me, a 31 y.o. mother of two, who has been a Chrisitian half of her life? I am going to try to be a better Christian not only for the Lord, but for these kids who now need positive role models more than ever. And, I call on all of you to do the same. They need all the love, support, and prayers we can give them!
Here are a few pics from the trip:


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Your name: Karri
OCCUPATION: kindergarten teacher
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BEVERAGE: kool-aid
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REASON FOR BEING LATE: Kids kept me up late!
SOMETHING YOU SHOUT: Keep it down,kids!!!
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