Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am the ultimate pooper scooper!

So, Jason and kids get to Myrtle Beach finally at 3 am Thursday morning (Jason got lost). The mapquest directions were wrong so I was trying to give him directions over the phone. I am the most directionally challenged person on the planet, so I was not a huge help by any means. Anyway, we all finally crashed around 4 am. The kids were up and raring to go at 9. So I go in the kitchen and start making some breakfast. The kids go out on the balcony to watch the ocean. A few minutes go by and I hear Cohen say “ooohh Taegan”! That’s never a good sign. Jason goes running out the balcony door and starts yelling for me. I go out there and to my surprise Taegan has left me a nice little package. Apparently she had to go reeeaaally bad, she pooped on the balcony, on the balcony ya’ll! What is wrong with my child? She looked up with those big blue eyes and that sweet little voice and said I sorry mommy, but I didn’t poop in my underwears. I’m such a softy, how could I be mad after that. So, I went and scooped the poop, spayed the balcony with Lysol and went on with our day!

Here are my sweeties at the beach!

Here are Cohen’s multiple personalities:

Taegan the model

We decide to go to Captain George’s all-you-can eat buffet that night, mostly cause kids eat free there. Can I just say I was totally impressed with my children’s crab leg crackin’ abilities. Cohen must have eaten at least 4 pounds of crab legs. He even cracked those big thorny pincher legs by himself. Taegan was no slouch herself. She was gettin’ into the little ones by herself. They definitely lost money on us that night! Check ‘em out

I love my family and I love making fun family memories . I thank God for them everyday!


Shaunta said...

Your family is just beautiful! Glad you guys had fun!

Carrie said...

Kids are tooo cute! Beautiful family too!

Have fun! Pray you have a safe trip home!

Changed forever said...

hey sweetie! I miss and love you bunches... your babies are simply precious! check out my blog at :

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

you have the most adorable family EVER!

Deedra said...
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