Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

I have always heard that children who asks a lot of questions tend to be gifted. Well, if that's true, Cohen is gonna be a flipin genius! Sunday, he must have ask a million questions on various subjects! Here are just a few in the order he ask them followed by my answer.
  1. If God made everything, who made him? He has just always been, and will always be, no one created him.
  2. Will God ever die? No
  3. How did God make light without making the sun first? I am not really sure, ask Luke next time you see him.
  4. When mamaw and papaw went to heaven how did their bodies leave the ground? Their old bodies stay in the ground. Their soul goes to heaven and they get a new body there.
  5. What is a soul? The part of us that God gives us to think, feel, and decide things with.
  6. When mamaw got a new body was she taller? I said yes, because Cohen thinks people who are short don't eat enough fruits and vegetables
  7. When I go to heaven, can me and Tyler D. still play football? Yes.
  8. Will my sister still whine in heaven? No, everything is perfect in heaven. She won't have anything to whine about.
  9. How many pine cones does a pine tree have? Every tree probably has a different amount. When we get home why don't you see how many you can pick up.
  10. Do dogs eat pinecones? Ours probably do, they eat everything else.
  11. Why does Oscar (cohen's beagle) eat his throw-up? Because he's nasty
  12. Can oscar have puppies? No, he's a boy dog. Only girl dogs can have puppies.
  13. Why can't boy dogs have puppies? Because that's the way God made them. Animals are just like people, only the girls have babies.
  14. But boys have the things that help make babies in their peepees right? Yes.
  15. Well how do the boys get the things that make the babies inside the mommy's belly? Ummmmmmmmmm. Well, those things are called sperm. They look like tadpoles and they help decide what color a babies eyes and hair are gonna be and how tall they are gonna be and if the baby will be a boy or a girl. God made a man and woman to fit together like a puzzle. So when a man and woman get married they lay very close together and the man's privates fit inside the woman's privates like a puzzle. Then the man sends his sperm to the woman and the baby starts to grow in the womans belly.
  16. Where does the sun go at night? On the other side of the earth. When we can't see the sun here, people in other parts of the world can.
  17. Are stars fire? Kinda of.
  18. Are they hot? Yes, the sun is a star and it helps heat the entire world.
  19. Whey are the other stars white? I'm not sure, let's ask daddy, he might know.
  20. Can people in heaven see the stars? I don't think so.
  21. Can God beat up Superman? Yes.
  22. Does God know where the fortress of solitude is? Yes, God knows where everything is.
  23. Can people fight in heaven? No, God doesn't like it when people fight.
  24. Well, what if someone else starts it? Nope, he still doesn't like it. You are supposed to just walk away if someone is being mean to you.
  25. Is it ok if you just throw something at em but don't touch with your hands? No, that's still fighting.
  26. But it's ok if I just hit Taegan sometimes? No, you're not supposed to fight with anyone!
  27. Does God know Santa Claus? I'm sure he does, God knows everyone.
  28. Santa doesn't like fights either, does he? No
  29. Does God tell Santa the people that are bad or can Santa see everyone too? Santa just knows.
  30. How many pinecones do you think I can pick up? A thousand

OK so yall get the idea. I could keep going, but this post would never end. Do ya'll see why I am so tired all of the time? I definitely did not want to discuss the birds and the bees with a 4 year old! He can come up with some doosies! We spend a lot of time looking up things in my house! Taegan hasn't gotten to the question stage yet! Thank goodness. I don't think my brain can take anymore! Are this many questions normal? I mean we go through this everyday! I hate to answer I don't know so much, but my goodness what his little brain can think up. I'll just keep answering the best I can I guess and hope I don't mess him up too much!

P.S. Cohen told Taegan after we got home that he wasn't playing puzzles with her anymore! So I may have to revisit that issue again!


Carrie said...

I'm proud of you for the fact that you could remember all those questions:)? You go girl!

Smart little feller you got there!

Shaunta said...

That sounds like my nephew. He followed Greg around asking a bazillion questions one day, so Greg started asking him questions in return. Devin turned around and looked at him and said, "You ask as many questions as I do!" It can be terribly annoying, but totally hilarious.

And your answers are way better than mine would have been, so I am sending Clayton your way when he hits that stage!

Love ya!

Jen said...

no more puzzles.... too funny..... just loved it sweetie!!!

Jen said...

no more puzzles.... too funny..... just loved it sweetie!!!

Deedra said...
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Brooke said...

I'm rolling....puzzles?
Ok...what was his reaction when you told him this? Did he just dive into the next question? hahahaha
I'm not sure Madeline even knows that privates go in privates...hahahahahaha
wait nevermind, I think she learned that on the bus. LOL!