Thursday, November 6, 2008

Basketball Season and Elections

Well, b-ball season is in full-swing now. Football ended on thursday before Halloween and the first b-ball game was the following monday. No rest for the weary! While I do love sports, being a coach's wife is sometimes very frustrating. I call myself a single parent during ball seasons! Since Jason helps with football and basketball we usually don't get to see him until sometime from May to August. The 7th and 8th grade boys are doing great though. They beat valley head monday night pretty badly, but lost to NSM by a narrow margin tonight. I just want to say how proud I am of my husband, the coach. Even though we don't get a lot of family time, I know he is setting an example for dozens of boys coming into manhood. I always observe the other teams' coaches, how they act during the games, how they act toward officials, and most importantly how they treat their players. Jason is not a screamer, he doesn't cuss, he really even rarely gets mad. If he ever gets a technical, it'll be a miracle! It seems even when he gets on the officials they tend to ignore him :(( His philosophy for the boys is if they don't know it before they get to the game, they are not going to learn it by being screamed at in the middle of game. I have heard several comments from parents in the stands saying they wished he would be more aggressive, but I think aggression only breeds more aggression. Athletes should focus on fundamentals of a game and be confident in their skills, not plowing through a game because they are getting yelled at! Jason respects his players, and I hope they respect him in return, I know I do! It's one thing to have a God fearing/loving husband, but it's a true blessing to have a husband who tries to spread that love and truely cares about the youth of our community.
On an unrelated note, I am so glad the elections are over. I didn't realize how much energy and effort I had been putting into this election. I really struggled over this one! There was so much mudslinging and lies going around, I was spending hours at night trying to find out the truth about each candidate. Obama has won, and I am satisfied with that. I would've been satisfied with McCain too. I am not trying to be complacent about it, but I think that God has a plan for this country (good or bad, I don't know) and apparently Obama is going to lead that plan. So, I will pray for him and the other leaders in Congress, and most importantly I will pray that the people that make up this nation will stop worrying about who is on the right and who is on the left and just live for God. Every one makes mistakes, the president elect has made some major ones, and I'm sure his presidency won't be a perfect one (what presidency has been?). But, God and our nation have given him a chance to prove himself, so I think I should do the same. I was thinking about our pledge of allegiance and how I hope that we really can be that one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Ok, I'm done with my rant for the day! Stay tuned for more rants, raves, and the crazy stuff that goes on around my house!

Peace, love, and sanity to all!


Cheryl said...

I'll bet J is a wonderful coach. Ross played ball for years and I have seen it all. Coaches that think their son is the only player and coaches that scream and coaches that love the kids! It takes all kinds and I am glad we got to experience that. Although I do NOT want a repeat. We need more coaches like J. Hang in there.....

K. Tilley said...

Hayden loves Jason as a coach and as a teacher on Wed. nights.( He doesn't have him yet in the classroom)

There have been times that I wished he would have yelled at Hayden because Hayden is so easy going and for him to hustle or play harder you have to tick him off but then I remind myself it's just a game and the example that Jason sets for them with his own actions is what they will walk away from the game with and carry with them into the future and that is what's most important because 10years from now we won't remember who won or lost and if we did it wouldn't matter anyways.

I think the team looks really nice. The new uniforms look so good.(don't know if you helped pick them out or not, but thanks) I appreciate all that Jason does for these boys and appreciate you for sharing him and allowing him to be a part of our boys schools years.

Anonymous said...

Word of advice, dont listen to the crowd around you. Do your best to surround yourself with positive people and those you know will not dog your husband. Jason does a really good job on Wednesday night with the kids and Amber really enjoys him as a teacher.

Carrie said...

J is a good coach. I really appreciate the life he leads before them. Especially at the ages of these boys.

Yes, me and hubby are a bit competetive, but in the end we know what truly matters. We tend to be hard on our J, for not hustling, or his expressions on his face when things don't go like he thinks they should.

It takes a lot of your family time I know. I appreciate you being so good to support!

Thanks for being a friend and for praying for Mom. Your text meant so much to me!


judith said...

I can not imagine your husband ever raising his voice or screaming at the kids or anyone for that matter. He is so mild mannered and has such a calm spirit. I respect that so much in him.

Anonymous said...

coach is the bomb, he is so cool and funny, your the best COACH