Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mall Rats!

Me, Jason, and Lisa took our 5th and 6th grade Sunday School class, plus some of their friends, to the mall last Saturday. We let them get some of their holiday shopping for parents and sibs done, plus have a little fun! What am I saying? We had a ton of fun! I laughed my stinkin head off at those kids!

I have pics and videos of them bungee jumping in the mall. #3 McKay is hilarious on there. I'll try to get those on later tonight! Even my two little ones were brave enough to try it! I'm not sure if the mall or the van rides to and from there were the most funny.

On the way there, the children serenaded us with the "free credit" commerical song along with a few Christmas tunes thrown in. Hey at least they can spell f to the r to the ee......... (see the video below). Then on the way home, several of the boys decided to see who had the stinkest feet and farts! Gross, I know, but still literally, stinkin hilarious!

Anyway, we all had a blast, got some Christmas shopping done, and made safely home. God is good! Jason and I had such a good time we are taking the youth group to the mall this Sat. We think we will leave our two with aunt Deanie this go around though.

Well I have to get off of here and get some more work done. Later!

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K. Tilley said...

Girl, all I can say is You Are Brave!!! LOL