Monday, April 13, 2009

Safe in the Meat Freezer!

It's been a c-r-a-z-y weekend! Let me start with Friday....

Jason and I were supposed to be chaperones for the Ider prom. So, we had my niece, Tiara and her friend Brooke coming over to babysit for us. I knew I needed to stop on my way home from work and get some groceries so I first stopped in Tiftonia. Guess what? Walmart does not function without electricity! Who knew? I thought I would just run into Lucky's super quick and get back home before the bad weather set in. Seriously, it wasn't even raining in Henagar when I went in. Meanwhile, my husband had left school early and went home, but didn't go get our children from daycare???? What was he thinking? So, I called and ask my sis to pick them up when she brought Tiara and Brooke. Little did I know that my two babies are the ONLY ones left at daycare (yes give us the parents of the year award). Keep in mind I was only shopping for about 20 minutes. I start checking out and I hear one of the bag boys say its hailing the size of baseballs! What?? Then before I knew it I could hear sirens and alarms and the Luckys manager is yelling at all the customers and employees to get to the back NOW that there was a tornado coming. We dropped everything and followed the employees to back of Luckys into the meat freezer! Yep, their safe place is the meat freezer. It was cold, stinky and very crowded. I didn't have a cell phone signal, I didn't know where my children were at that moment, and I was thinking I was gonna die in that stupid meat freezer. To say I was panicked is an understatement!!!! I've never been clausterphobic until that very minute. After about 10 minutes we got the all clear and we could go back out into the store. I called home immediately. Everyone was ok, thank you Jesus, Jason had called my cousins Tim and Angie who live right behind the daycare and they had the kids. I got checked out and loaded my groceries in the pouring rain and got home safely! Tiara and Brooke came a couple hours later and off Jason and I went to the prom! It was so fun! The dresses this year were so wild! There was every kind of animal print in every color you can think of there. Nothing too R rated. Nathan Parham was the DJ and he played some old school tunes mixed in with the new. He even played my high school theme song "baby got back". But I decided not to embarass myself or my sweet nephew by dancing. Your welcome Tyler! When we got home everyone was asleep except Cohen! He was waiting up on us. We finally all crashed after a very eventful day!

Saturday we were completely and utterly lazy. I can't even remember the last time we didn't go anywhere or do anything on a Saturday. But, after the Friday we had, we needed a day of rest.

Sunday was the best day! The youth drama team performed to "Does Anybody Hear Her" and I cried like a big ole baby. It was the best performance yet! They are so talented! Luke brought a wonderful Easter message and home we went! The kids were so excited to hunt eggs. This is the first year we have ever done Easter at our house. It was blissful! We hid and hunted eggs with kids, took a million pics, and ate! Jason cooked us Easter dinner ( I'm talking ham, mac n cheese, creamed corn, pinto beans, rolls, and a chocolate cake). Have I ever said how much I love him?? Anyway, after letting our food settle, we decided it was such a beautiful day we would go enjoy it. We took the kids hiking at Little River Canyon. It was hilarious. Taegan stuck her foot in a puddle and got her feet soaking wet and apparently princesses do not wear wet shoes, I had to carry her back up the trail! Cohen fell on a wet rock into a stream and got his rear end drenched, but he thought it was funny. He just wanted in the sun so he could get some more "frankels" (aka freckles)! After that we went and played at the new fort payne park and then we were on to dairy queen for a sweet treat! The whole day couldn't have been more perfect! I felt like we were in a scene from Leave it to Beaver.

That, in a nutshell, was our weekend and our Easter! I hope yours was as blessed as ours! I just love my family (for today anyway) and I love making memories with them.
TaTa for now! Love you all!



Shaunta said...

I worked at Lucky's in high school, so I completely understand about the meat freezer. The whole back of the store is like a dungeon anyway!

K. Tilley said...

Holy Cow, I'm tired just reading about your

We are such home bodies; we never go anywhere unless it's to some type of ballgame. (not complaining, I love to watch Wildman play ball) Sorry your Friday was so crazy but it must have been fun to get dressed up and go and see all the pretty couples at the prom!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Oh my gosh, I would have completely freaked. We got caught in tornado weather last year in the Dollar General. They tried to lock the doors on us and make us get in the back. I may have said something like, "YOU ARE NOT LOCKING ME IN THIS STORE! NOW OPEN THE DOOR AND LET ME GO HOME TO MY FAMILY!"

Needless to say, they let me out. :))

Glad you had a great weekend. We are being lazy bums and it feels wonderful..!!!

Leigh Anne said...

Glad your weekend ended better than it started. Sounds like a great one.

Kelli said...

I am so glad we got to see you guys at the DQ! Emma had a blast playing peek-a-boo with your two adorable babies!!! I hope you have a less stressful upcoming weekend!! :-)

Deedra said...
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