Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween, Ladies Banquet, Sports, and Injuries

As usual, it's been crazy busy around our house. Halloween was so fun at the are a few pics

Onto the Ladies Banquet. First, let me say a special thank you to Lisa for coordinating this. I look forward to this all year! This year came with the usual excitement, but was a little sad too. Why sad? Because one of my best friends, Deedra, couldn't be there. She's usually the "brains" behind the decorating. I usually just do what she tells me to do because she always has a beautiful vision in mind. Without her it fell to me and Holly this year. Decorating turned out good, but I'm sure it would've been even better if Deedra had been involved. The food was great, and it was made even better since we were served by the men of the church! The singing was out of this world! Jenny, Tonya, and girls rocked it! And Mary Snyder was our speaker. She was so funny and her message of grace and was so timely. Here are a just a few pics..

Now..I can't say how excited I was Friday night when the Hornets laid the hammer down on Lanette! I am so proud of the boys! And as I have told many people, I am more proud of Coach Tinker for being a good Christian role model not just teaching the boys football, but teaching them morales and life lessons. WAY TO GO HORNETS!!! Even though football is not over yet, we are in full basketball mode at our house. We had two basketball games and the football game this week. Between games, work, kids, and decorating for the ladies banquet I feel like I'm running on fumes!

Which leads me to injuries. Cohen and I have both had a bad week! Earlier in the week I was folding clothes and Cohen came running in the house holding his eye and crying. I ask him what was wrong and he said a piece of glass flew in it. I checked him out and saw a small cut under his eye, but I didn't see anything IN his eye. So, I did what all good mothers do and told him he'd be alright in a minute (in other words, leave me alone so I can get this laundry done). When I ask him where he got glass from he said he found a bottle in the yard. Thank you whoever threw your beer bottle in our yard!!! ARGGGHHHH! Anyway, he said he "dropped" it on the concrete, but if you know my Cohen, you know he probably threw it down as if he were spiking a football. The next day I had to leave for work before the kids were up so I didn't see them until that evening. When he came in I just about cried. His eye was so swollen and red he could barely see out of it. We loaded him up immediately and took him to the eye dr. He told us Cohen had a corneal cut all the way across his pupil that would most likely leave a scar and impair his vision! But it's healing well now and we'll just have to see how his vision does as he grows. Should I get the mom of the year award or what??? Well, I got payback on Sunday morning. Jason and the kids went on to Sunday School and I was running late as usual. As I was running out the door, I couldn't remember if I had unplugged the iron or not. I was about to jet down the stairs to check and somehow missed the first step, then proceeded to fall down four more steps! You win this time devil, you win! With a huge pump knot and a black and blue sprained ankle, I sat myself on the couch for the rest of the day!

And that my friends, wraps up one crazy week! Now, I've gotta get ready for this week! Love you all! Have a great week!



K. Tilley said...

girl, you wear me out! Where does your energy come from>????

Bless Cohen's little heart! Praying for a full recovery on that eye!
And your

Hayden is enjoying football but he is soooo ready for basketball!

Hope you have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Karri, just three words....I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Karri, NO ONE but you girls could pull off such a feat. You and Holly did such an amazing job it's crazy. I enjoyed this banquet better than I believe I have any year thus far. We are so blessed to have so many women willing to use their various gifts for the common good. THANK YOU again for all you did. Especially for making my table match my dress. That was a special touch...LOL