Monday, December 14, 2009

Complete Randomness!

I really wanted to post something deep and profound, or maybe something with a Christmasy feel, but my last night's activities were too good to not to share!

And just let me start by saying I am sorry Luke, Lisa, and Tammy! Do I have your attention now, wink..wink? Just kidding, it's nothing torrid or anything like that. Do you know what you get when you mix a lovely church dinner, late nite leftover mexican food, and a late night viewing of "Dirty Dancing" and "Twilight"? Well... I'll tell you what you reeeaaaaalllly strange dream! Here's how it went:

Its the 60's and me (except I look like Bella Swan from Twilight) and my sister "Baby" aka Lisa Mckay go with our parents (the movie parents)to the summer holiday camp. We are getting ready to go to the opening ceremony for the camp. Baby is getting on my nerves complaining that her white Ked tennis shoes look dingy compared to her stark white pedal pusher jeans and that her perfect curls are making her look too cutesy. All I'm worried about is if my mint green cardigan matches the colassal green headband I have in my hair. We go to this dance and I find my man, who is actually Edward from Twilight. And then, Baby spots her man! Picture Luke Mckay with a mullet, but on Patrick Swayze's body. Me, Edward, Baby, and Luke/Patrick are inseparable. Luke/Patrick teaches us all how to dance but is torn away from Baby to go help his sister, aka Tammy Pike, who is pregnant, and needs her brother to come beat up her boyfriend, who is Robbie from the movie. After Luke/Patrick brings the pain to Robbie and helps deliver a beautiful baby girl, Sally, for Tammy, Luke/Patrick and Baby want to get married. Everyone is sooo happy for them, but our parents hate Edward and don't want him to come to the wedding. Luke/Patrick shows Edward some of his best moves and devises a plan. Fast forward to the wedding reception....."Baby" looks beautiful in her beehive hairdo, poofy dress, and bright pink lipstick and Luke/Patrick looks so handsome with his curly mullet and blue tuxedo. But, I am so sad since I haven't seen Edward in weeks until....Edward burst through the double doors with 4 large men in all black behind him. He nods to the DJ who promptly plays "Boom Boom Pow" from the Black Eyed Peas. Me, Edward, Baby, and Luke/Patrick shake what our mommas gave us and we rock the house! Our parents automatically love Edward and the 4 large men who came in with Edward are actually talent scouts who immediately ask us to go on tour with Dancing with the Stars, and then I woke up laughing. What??? There are SOME similarities, come on!

Now, anyone out there want to decipher that one????

Love, Peace, and Happy Dreams To All!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL LOL LOL...this is to weird because Clay and I have been struggling on agreeing on a girls name if this baby indeed is a girl. I told Clay the other night before we went to sleep that I was gonna pray that God would reveal a girls name to me in a dream. However I don't think her name will be on having those dreams Karri, maybe the perfect name is gonna come to you instead of me. And that is perfectly fine with me as long as I don't have to have those crazy weird dreams you are

Anonymous said...

BTW Karri try to make my boyfriend Clay next