Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Half Fairy Princess/Half Army Man, Besties, & Are Whoppers Sleep Aids?

Weird title, I know. Check out the pics below and you'll see where it came from.

This just cracked me up! Cohen and Taegan were playing dress up the other day and Cohen said he was going to create his own costume. This is what he came up with. He is a fairy princess up top and army man below who is apparently sweeping the floors and then goin swimmin???? Pretty creative, huh? I think he should be on that fashion design show on tv! (Jason is gonna kill me for putting this picture of his son dressed up as a fairy out there for the world to see).

I can't believe our little man is starting to kindergarten in a few days. We found out a bunch of his friends are going to be in his class (Mrs. Meadows, yeah!), and he is so excited. He's now officially graduated from pre-school.

Ahhh, childhood friends!

And, last but not least....I think they should market Whoppers as a sedative????

Love and Blessing to Everyone!


Cheryl said...

Great pictures girl. Love the little man dressed up;) Hope you are having a great summer. See ya Friday! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love the whoppers...I may have to try that!

Elizabeth Hopper said...

Awe! Love the outfit Cohen! And of course I love the pic of Maddie and her bestie Taegan! They crack me up! Good luck with being a kindergartener's mom! :)

Carrie said...

I knew whoppers were good for something..lol!! Those two of yours are adorable! Love the socks!!!

Jen said...

he is just toooooo creative.. loved it... and I know that picture will come in handy when he brings his first major girlfriend home!!! LOL and that girl..... if whoppers can do that I am going to buy stock in them!!!!

baby Reece and I love you bunches!!!